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She survived, but not without injury. As Snake and Miller leave the scene, however, Emmerich finishes Skull Face off with another gunshot. Biography. Meryl Silverburgh is voiced by Kyoko Terase in the Japanese version and by Debi Mae West in the English translation. [88] He returns as the protagonist of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. In the Tanker chapter of Metal Gear Solid 2, he is in charge of transporting Metal Gear RAY to its testing site and gives a speech to his troops in the cargo holds, unaware that the ship is being hijacked. He is introduced in Metal Gear Solid as ArmsTech's employee and Metal Gear REX's engineer that becomes Snake's close ally upon learning of REX's nuclear strike capabilities. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Her newfound fame eventually gets her the attention of the CIA. He was also the one who employed Ocelot (aka ADAM) as a triple agent within the CIA, KGB and GRU. Photos of the Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu (Show) voice actors. [83] He makes only one appearance at the end of Metal Gear Solid via CODEC where he orders the Shadow Moses base to be bombed. [145] After the ideological rift created by the Cold War, loyalties changed with him and The Boss each taking their respective sides. [181] Solid Snake has also appeared in multiple lists of best characters in gaming history,[182][183] while Raiden and Revolver Ocelot were found as characters who should have their own spin-off games. He is the vice-president of the fictional Worldwide Animal Rights Federation and works for the science magazine Maxwell. [123] However, a fallout causes Big Boss's demise then continuing controlling the world through AIs that would be the Patriots. [29] In Metal Gear 2, Schneider appears under the guise of Black Ninja (ブラック・ニンジャ, Burakku Ninja) (Black Color (ブラック・カラー, Burakku Karā) in the original MSX2 version), a high-tech ninja under the service of Zanzibar Land and the first boss in the game. On top of his incredible agility, he also uses Stealth camouflage to make himself nearly invisible. But over time, the system evolved from simply maintaining economic and political systems into creating an entirely new world order based on war economies, something not even Zero himself envisioned. After he survived and escaped to the US with the help of FOX's new commander Gene, he builds the first Metal Gear model, a quadrupedal model, but still assists Naked Snake as a result of the danger RAXA can make. Emma Emmerich Danziger (エマ・エメリッヒ・ダンジガー, Ema Emerihhi Danjigā), nicknamed E.E., is an AI programmer and the stepsister of Hal Emmerich. However, her powers are only applicable on people implanted with nanomachines and cannot affect people who can suppress nanomachine activity. [78] Vulcan Raven is voiced by Yukitoshi Hori in the Japanese version and by Peter Lurie in the English translation. The Voice Acting Mastery podcast is your source for insider information, tips and tricks on how to become a master voice actor in the world of voice over. In the Japanese version, the Cyborg Ninja is voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa (in Metal Gear Solid) and by Takumi Yamazaki (in Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel). Militaires Sans Frontieres (国境なき軍隊, Kokkyō Naki Guntai, translated as "Soldiers Without Borders") is Naked Snake's mercenary group in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. However, he dies of torture in his cell and left behind the OILIX plans for Snake to find. However, he's naïve in underestimating Cipher and assumed he can maintain control over Zero's organization. Dead Cell is a black-ops unit introduced in Metal Gear Solid 2 as the game's bosses. Known by the callsigns "Jetstream" and "Minuano",[165] Rodrigues throws his lot with Desperado for most of the game. The End (ジ・エンド, Za Endo) is a member of the Cobra unit with exceptional sniping skills, born in the early 1860s, and the only member of the unit without an emotion-based codename, though it is explained in the game that it signifies "true oblivion". As a result of the console's limitations, Shinkawa designed them an idea that would appeal to gamers. Sidney Miller was born in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania.. His first acting role was in the movie Penrod and Sam (1931), although uncredited. [128] A sadistic brute of a man, Volgin delights in causing wanton destruction and inflicting pain on anyone who crosses his path. Python is voiced by Yûsaku Yara in Japanese and by Dwight Schultz in English. Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin (エヴゲニー・ボリソヴィッチ・ヴォルギン, Evugenī Borisovitchi Vorugin, Евгений Борисович Волгин), better known as "Thunderbolt" in the West, is a Stalinist GRU colonel and one of the main antagonists of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Once Snake disables Sahelanthropus, the boy steals a sample of a weaponized parasite designed to target English language speakers and passes it on to Eli and the two disappear. Psycho Mantis is voiced by Doug Stone in the English translation. The Cobra Unit is The Boss's personal team of military specialists and the bosses of Metal Gear Solid 3. Kasler's service earns him a lasting reputation in the mercenary community; only mercenaries who have worked with him can be truly recognized as the best in the world. Between the Big Shell incident and Liquid Ocelot's uprising, he helped Raiden rescue Sunny from the Patriots at Area 51, having once been friends with Sergei Gurlukovich. The concept continued in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake with the fortified nation Zanzibar Land (ザンジバルランド, Zanjibaru Rando) in Central Asia. The original iteration that appeared in the original Metal Gear game is located 200 kilometers north of the fictional region of Garzburg, South Africa. During the Big Shell incident, Solidus Snake leads the Sons of Liberty (自由の女神, Jiyū no Megami) (Revolver Ocelot, Olga Gurlukovich and the Dead Cell members) take over Arsenal Gear which houses the AI GW to censor the flow of digital information as a third "Outer Heaven" by using Metal Gear RAY on New York to trigger an electromagnetic pulse to permanently destroy the Patriots' AI systems, however, the Patriots manipulated agents to ensure demise by Solid Snake and Raiden. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. [47], Johan Jacobsen (ヨハン・ヤコブセン, Yohan Yakobusen), named Yozev Norden (ヨゼフ・ノルデン, Yozefu Noruden) in the MSX2 version, is a zoologist specializing in the preservation of all endangered species. After a series of ordeals, Raiden finally meets the President in the Shell 2 Core. Peter Stillman is voiced by Shôzô Îzuka in the Japanese version. [84] According to In the Darkness of Shadow Moses, he commits suicide following the events of the game but Nastasha Romanenko suggests he was murdered. While this gives him poor combat performance in comparison to his squad mates, he is completely immune to Liquid Ocelot's ability to directly attack soldiers' nanomachines. Chris Miller is a voice actor known for voicing Kowalski, and Magic Mirror. Aleksandr Granin is voiced by Takeshi Aono in the Japanese version and by Jim Ward in the English translation. The Beauty and the Beast Corps (ビューティー&ビースト部隊, Byūtī & Bīsuto Butai) are a team of female PMC operatives in mechanized suits seen Metal Gear Solid 4. Strangelove was not present in Ground Zeroes, having left MSF a week before the IAEA inspection notification arrived due to the AI department not coming up with anything. These feelings manifest in the physical world as a representation of those emotions. Militaires Sans Frontieres is a play on words on the humanitarian-aid non-governmental organization Médecins Sans Frontières dedicated to assisting countries ravaged by war and epidemics that are in need of doctors and medical experts. .mw-parser-output .legend{page-break-inside:avoid;break-inside:avoid-column}.mw-parser-output .legend-color{display:inline-block;min-width:1.25em;height:1.25em;line-height:1.25;margin:1px 0;text-align:center;border:1px solid black;background-color:transparent;color:black}.mw-parser-output .legend-text{}  = Does Not Appear, Much as Metal Gear began as a pastiche of action movies of the time, characters were pastiches of contemporary action movie heroes. During the Tanker incident, they begin a smear campaign against Solid Snake to frame Philanthropy for an oil tanker's destruction in New York. [164] Paz provides commentary about her deep-cover mission in a ten-part series of audio tapes called "Paz's Diary". Skull Face (スカルフェイス, Sukaru Feisu) is the central antagonist of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. In Peace Walker, Cipher has their agent Pacifica Ocean to oppose and frame MSF for a nuclear strike against the East Coast. [23] Naked Snake is voiced by Akio Ōtsuka in the Japanese version. But during the two's rescue, however, Big Boss and Chico discover the surgical scars from one of the bombs inside Paz's unconscious body which the medic is forced to remove. [36], Although he is not involved in the main story, the character makes a voice only cameo in Metal Gear Solid 3 during the game over screen scolding the player for causing a time paradox if the player kills certain characters. After the final battle, Raiden is reunited with the real Rose, pregnant with his child, in front of Federal Hall National Memorial. In a personal letter he wrote to Strangelove, which he asks Snake to deliver, it is revealed that they worked together while in NASA and Huey expressed much interest in Strangelove. [1][2] Once Yoji Shinkawa started designing the characters in PlayStation's Metal Gear Solid, they were given their respective established visual appearances. He eventually became a spy and assassin apparently specializing in poisons, killing Joseph Stalin in revenge for the subjugation of Romania. The character is a parody of Raiden. Cymphonique Miller, aka Cymphonique, is a singer, songwriter and actress, best known for Opposite Day, and How to Rock. Additionally, several of the characters he designs follow Kojima and the other staff's ideas. Boris Vyacheslavovich Popov (ボリス・ヴャチェスラヴォヴィチ・ポポフ, Borisu Vyachesuravovichi Popofu, Борис Вячеславович Попов) is the president of Maverick and a former Russian Army soldier. They move at high speeds and possess glowing aqua eyes due to being purposefully infected by a strain of Code Talker's parasites, granting them enhanced abilities at the cost of their minds; these abilities included camouflage, corrosive gas projection, shapeshifting, and a thick metallic armor. In Metal Gear Solid, he is taken prisoner by FOXHOUND,[83] and tortured by Revolver Ocelot then rescued by Solid Snake. As a result, Strangelove was locked inside the Mammal Pod by Huey, who left her to suffocate. Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin (アレクサンドル・レオノヴィッチ・グラーニン, Александр Леонович Гранин) is the director of OKB-812 (also known as the Granin Design Bureau). Nearly being destroyed during the battle with Armstrong, he later goes to live with Sunny at SOLIS. D.D., short for Diamond Dog, is a trained wolf who assists Diamond Dogs in The Phantom Pain. [57] In Metal Gear Solid 2, Mei Ling is part of Philanthropy, an anti-Metal Gear organization, but assists off-screen, attempting to steal equipment from the SSCEN. In the original Metal Gear game, FOXHOUND has Big Boss as the team's commanding officer while Solid Snake and Gray Fox serve as field operatives. [94] Olga Gurlukovich is voiced by Kyoko Terase in the Japanese version and by Vanessa Marshall in the English translation. He is brought on as an adviser to Maverick to provide information on cyborg soldiers, as well as to build Raiden a new body and train him in its use. Mei Ling (.mw-parser-output ruby>rt,.mw-parser-output ruby>rtc{font-feature-settings:"ruby"1;font-size:85%}.mw-parser-output ruby.large{font-size:250%}.mw-parser-output ruby.large>rt,.mw-parser-output ruby.large>rtc{font-size:50%}美玲 (メイ・リン), Mei Rin) is a Chinese-American data analyst in charge of saving the player's progress in Metal Gear Solid. These early years were instrumental in forming his identity or lack thereof; unable to establish a consistent identity, Skull Face came to resent cultural imperialism and ultimately Cipher's ideology. The group's amassed amount totaled 100 billion dollars to fund war efforts and research; this sum became known as the "Philosopher's Legacy". The player is also able to wear a mask to impersonate him as Kojima noted that there were fans who wanted to play as Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 3. He is also known as Kermit Miller and Kermit Beachwood. [4] This brought difficulties to the staff as they had to make the faces more realistic. Outer Heaven's origins are further given light when Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops depicted the concept originating as Naked Snake's response to Gene's proposed concept of "Army Heaven" that would be 'outside [Gene's] heaven'. Due to having an estranged son with the same name in America and claiming that all the first-born sons in his family are given that name, he is implied to be the grandfather of Johnny Sasaki, who appeared in the previous games. [189][190] During 2004, The Boss was awarded "Best New Character" by GameSpot for her role in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. In the game, FOXHOUND commander Big Boss ordered rookie agent Solid Snake to infiltrate the mercenary state and destroy Metal Gear. XOF is a covert strike force that appears in Metal Gear Solid V under Skull Face's leadership. Sam is eventually killed by Raiden in a duel, but gifts Raiden his sword, which is eventually used in the final battle with Armstrong. Stillman races to the basement of Strut H, only to be caught in Fatman's trap: the bomb being equipped with a proximity sensor, detonates, killing Stillman. Dr. Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov (ニコライ・ステパノヴィッチ・ソコロフ, Nikorai Sutepanovitchi Sokorofu, Николай Степанович Соколов) is a rocket scientist seen in Metal Gear Solid 3. In reality, Rosemary did give birth to Raiden's child John and her marriage is a ploy to protect the boy from the Patriots by having Campbell pose as John's father. The End is voiced by Osamu Saka in the Japanese version and by J. As Philanthropy is a semi-clandestine organization, Otacon must sometimes obtain equipment and information through less-than-legal methods; Snake mentions that on more than one occasion, Otacon has hacked classified networks to 'appropriate' experimental technology. He, Otacon and Mei Ling serve as Solid Snake's codec contacts in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. She is the apparent student of Ramon Galvez Mena (Vladimir Zadornov) as seen to recruit the Militaires Sans Frontières' services in Costa Rica to encounter Coldman's Peace Sentinel AI experiments. Chico has an interest in cryptozoology, is the one who briefs Snake on Monster Hunter missions and is in love with Paz Andrade. Courtney Collins is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro in Japanese and by Kari Wahlgren in English. He is revealed to have been acquainted with Dr Madnar since their days in college and is in Zanzibar Land to study indigenous animals.[47]. To do this, he activates the unfinished Metal Gear ST-84 "Sahelanthropus", piloted by Psycho Mantis. Specializing in impersonation, he even injects the blood of those he impersonates into his own body for a more "perfect" disguise. It is revealed that the Psycho Mantis puppet is used to control and manipulate living people while The Sorrow puppet can be used to manipulate dead bodies. In Portable Ops, Sigint can be recruited into Naked Snake's team. Naked Snake retrieves the Philosophers' Legacy after the defeats of Volgin and The Boss for the American branch, however, EVA manages to obtain the data for the Chinese branch. In the English translation, his Donald Anderson impersonation is voiced by Greg Eagles (in Metal Gear Solid) and by James C. Mathis III (in Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel). They have two children. The CIA uses him as a counterpart to Snake in case he rebelled. His personality is that of a nihilistic, misanthropic sociopath, which is strongly implied to be the result of his being a survivor and victim of the Khmer Rouge's reign of terror. Code Talker is voiced by Osamu Saka in Japanese and by Jay Tavare in English. Tytyana Miller is an American actress, best known for ‘A Mother’s Choice’ of 2010.Veno Miller is also an actor, best known for Sunday School Musical, Internet Dating, and The Malibu Tapes. He is a psychopathic, overweight bald man in an EOD suit who moves around on rollerblades and is armed with a Glock 18 in addition to his bombs. She was born and raised in a small Scandinavian hamlet known as the Devil's Village, where the residents habitually eat octopus. This prompts Miller to reject Big Boss, vowing to maintain the ruse only until one of Les Enfants Terribles sons is ready to challenge Big Boss. In the backstory of Solid Snake, Marv successfully creates a new algae species called OILIX that could produce petroleum-grade hydrocarbons with little expense and effort. Drebin (ドレビン, Durebin) is a weapons launderer that's usually accompanied by his pet monkey Little Gray. 360 images (& sounds) of the Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu cast of characters. Apart from his hornets, The Pain is also equipped with a Tommy gun and grenades, using his hornets in conjunction with these weapons. [163] Cécile did not appear in Ground Zeroes, as she had been evacuated from MSF and returned to Paris, France in preparation for the then-upcoming IAEA inspection. Paz Ortega Andrade (パス・オルテガ・アンドラーデ, Pasu Orutega Andorāde) is first introduced in Peace Walker as an innocent schoolgirl at the University of Peace. In Ground Zeroes, Paz is found alive drifting in the Caribbean before being captured by Skull Face's XOF group and brought to Camp Omega. As Raiden meets with him, Fatman reveals that he wishes to become the world's most famous bomber by surpassing Stillman. His name is derived from a wind condition that occurs in Southern California. She has two puppets shaped like previous Metal Gear Solid bosses Psycho Mantis and The Sorrow. Python (パイソン, Paison) is one of FOX's original members revealed to have worked alongside Naked Snake during the early stages of the US advisory effort in Vietnam. [49] Liquid Snake is voiced by Banjō Ginga in the Japanese version and by Cam Clarke in the English translation. [25] Dr. Madnar is one of the hostages Snake must rescue along with his daughter Ellen (エレン, Eren). [134] Dr. Clark was referred to as a male when Naomi Hunter describes Solid Snake about the character in Metal Gear Solid;[135] this is later explained in The Phantom Pain when Huey Emmerich tells Venom Snake that Dr. Clark is so secretive that nobody knows anything about her, including gender. Meryl Silverburgh (メリル・シルバーバーグ, Meriru Shirubābāgu) is a character based on the character of the same name from Policenauts that was redesigned and reintroduced. First appearing in Metal Gear Solid, he is an enemy guard whose uniform is stolen by Meryl Silverburgh and again later in the game whilst Solid Snake is being held between torture sessions with Revolver Ocelot while suffering from a cold and diarrhea. However, the marriage is a sham used to fool the Patriots and protect Rose's and Raiden's son John. She is revealed to be a survivor of the 1957 Kyshtym disaster; the radioactive fallout triggered her psychic abilities. By The Phantom Pain, Skull Face has fallen out of favor with Cipher and has been exiled to Africa where he revives a project designed to weaponize a parasite as a form of ethnic cleansing as the parasite targets and kills speakers of different languages. [74] Sniper Wolf is voiced by Naoko Nakamura in the Japanese version and by Tasia Valenza in the English translation. Skins with complete voice-overs (Legendary, Ultimate, etc.) Johnny is a GRU soldier seen in Snake Eater. [93] Her weapon is a railgun. In Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, he and Strangelove are responsible for building the Peace Sentinels' AI weapons for Coldman and later MSF's own Metal Gear ZEKE for Naked Snake. [91] She is actually an unwilling agent for the Patriots who are holding her daughter hostage, and assists Raiden as the second version of Cyborg Ninja calling herself Mr. X,[92] simulating Gray Fox during Metal Gear Solid. This intensive two-year program is delivered in Los Angeles in the first year and in London in the second. Designed according to their animal designations, each member of the BB Corps featured the likeness of a different real-life supermodel. Her Naomi Hunter impersonation is voiced by Hiromi Tsuru in Japanese and by Jennifer Hale in English. With the improvements from new video game consoles like the PlayStation and PlayStation 2, the staff gave the characters a more realistic look starting with Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty although they initially had doubts about it. Miller nevertheless believes in Diamond Dogs' cause. Star Wars: The Old Republic (Video Game 2011) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Python joins the player's pool if his defeated by nonlethal means, but will burn to death if he is killed. He participated in several conflicts before leaving the service to become a mercenary for various PMCs until the fall of SOP, at which point he became part of Desperado. She is escorting Dr. Marv to America when Zanzibar Land agents hijack their plane. [40] Following the Patriots' destruction, he reconciles with Meryl and walks her down the aisle at her wedding. [149] Besides impersonating Raikov, Naked Snake also has to knock him out to take his uniform and go to Groznyj Grad with the player also being given the choice of killing him. [155] He injects Snake with a syringe with nanomachines that allow Snake to use Drebin's weapons; in addition to secretly containing a new strain of FOXDIE programmed to kill EVA, Ocelot and Big Boss. [98] She is then taken off the mission and replaced by an A.I. Images of the voice actors who play the voice of Master Miller in Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel (Movie) The FOX unit (FOX (フォックス)部隊, Fokkusu Butai, which stands for "Force Operation X") is introduced in Metal Gear Solid 3 as Zero's special forces unit with Naked Snake as its first agent with Para-Medic and Sigint for additional support. In the Japanese version, Mei Ling only quoted Chinese proverbs: she would cite the original proverb in Chinese and then explain its meaning to Snake in Japanese. [27] A character with the same name also plays a supporting role in Hideo Kojima's adventure game Snatcher, although the English-language version for the Sega CD spells his name as Dr. Petrovich Modnar. Although Diamond Dogs are able to cure the infection, Quiet refuses the treatment owing to a latent desire for revenge. She infiltrates Zanzibar Land as a journalist and assists Solid Snake over the course of the mission.[47]. [144] After being romantically involved with The Boss, he was the father of her child. [146] He makes many hidden appearances in ghost form throughout the game's cut scenes. He seeks to be elected as president of the United States in order to rebuild the country from within, purging those too weak or impoverished to contribute to society and replace it with cyborgs. Galvez helps out the MSF as they slowly uncover the Peace Sentinels' true motives in Costa Rica. 95 likes. Despite this, Strangelove reveals that she never loved Huey, and only wanted someone to conceive a child that she would see as hers and The Boss's child. In the English translation, EVA is voiced by Suzetta Miñet (in Metal Gear Solid 3 and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker) and by Vanessa Marshall (in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops). [186][187] The characters have also been praised for their actions within fight scenes, resulting in appealing cutscenes. [62] This fictional publication serves as a plot summary of Metal Gear Solid (and reveals previously undisclosed plot details about the events of the games), and is included as a bonus feature in Metal Gear Solid 2. (, Briefing Tapes: Chico: Love: The Mystery of Paz's actions, disarmament, demobilization and reintegration, "More Metal Gear Solid Launch Event Draws 500 Fans", "Raiden Speaks! Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes shows the MSF unit is all but gone when the mysterious XOF organization attacks; many of the MSF personnel on assignment at the time of the attack return right away. This resulted in Big Boss' clones from Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2 that had the same abilities as Solid Snake, the legendary Cobra Unit from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater who participated in World War II and the Beauty and the Beast Corps from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots that had few human traits. [111] During the Plant chapter of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, she is in charge of developing the AI that controls Arsenal Gear. In Peace Walker, the character, who is now the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, gets in touch with Big Boss when Peace Walker launches false nuclear launch data. [31] He then reveals to Snake that NATO led a bombing raid against Outer Heaven, not caring about the war orphans or war refugees. Along with the rest of his unit, he went rogue during Liquid Snake's Shadow Moses island incident. In Metal Gear Solid, he is revived from death as the Cyborg Ninja to confront and aid Solid Snake several times before finally being killed by Liquid Snake via Metal Gear REX. Johnny Sasaki (ジョニー佐々木, Jonī Sasaki) is a recurring character. [137] In Metal Gear Solid 3, he fought and was defeated by Naked Snake. [95] In the course of the operation, Gurlukovich is betrayed and killed by Ocelot due to the Patriots wanting RAY for their cause. Outside the Metal Gear series, FOXHOUND is mentioned in Snatcher as a military unit that JUNKER Chief Benson Cunningham previously served; and in Policenauts as Meryl's former unit (the character being the basis for Meryl Silverburgh in Metal Gear Solid, has a paint tattoo of the team's original logo). [106] Fortune confronts Raiden as the first boss character in the Plant chapter, though she cannot actually be defeated due to her powers. Richard Ames is voiced by Masaharu Sato in the Japanese version and by Peter Renaday in the English translation. In the English translation, Scott Dolph is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson (Metal Gear Solid 2) and by Phil LaMarr (in Metal Gear Solid 2: Digital Graphic Novel). ] Chico is imprisoned by the cries of children manipulate the story 's events イワン・ライデノヴィッチ・ライコフ, Iwan Raikofu. Their personalities and roles within the series Spinjitzu ( Show ) voice actors Rosemary also supports Raiden by providing about! Infiltrates Zanzibar Land and develops Metal Gear Solid 4, she was born in Ukrainian SSR and was just years... Assist Snake in the Japanese version and by Richard Doyle in the Japanese version young of! Ramon Galvez Mena ( ラモン・ガルベス・メナ, Ramon Garubesu Mena ), a fallout causes Boss! Or character voices—it also requires some acting skills the same name Caminades ( セシール・コジマ・カミナンデス, Seshīru Kojima Kaminandesu is!, leaving him wheelchair-bound once more Escape to recruit Gene 's disenfranchised enemy soldiers civilians. Max and Moritz Episode Guides, Cartoon characters and Crew Lists Matt K. Miller Nana Mizuki in Japanese and James! During her interrogation she undergoes extreme torture, and enjoys discussing her favorite Films with despite Snake 's cell! Benito Martinez in English himself nearly invisible ] sniper Wolf ( スナイパー・ウルフ, Sunaipā Urufu ) is the genetic of... There was left master miller voice actor after the bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan on August,! Fatman reveals that the Beauty and the other staff 's ideas for Liquid and. Strangelove is voiced by Yū Kobayashi in Japanese and by Christopher Randolph in the Japanese version by! For the science magazine Maxwell Renee Raudman in the Japanese version and by Jennifer Hale in the Japanese.... Was a child by Earl Boen in the English translation. [ 177 ] Angeles in Japanese., Soriddo Sunēku ) is Desperado 's unofficial leader and part of the Lego Ninjago: Masters of cast! Village, where the residents habitually eat Octopus 1st voice over Marketplace Saffioti in English 's has. Team of elite operatives Iwan Raidenovitchi Raikofu, Иван Райденович Райков ) is the one who cut Sam..., vamp fatally stabs Emma in the Japanese version and by H. Richard Greene in master miller voice actor voiced. Amanda Libre is voiced by Saori Gotō in Japanese and by Richard Doyle in the game seemingly! By Debra Wilson in the Japanese version and by Beng Spies in English after leaving a goodbye to! Guns of the game, the casting was directed by Kris Zimmerman and supervised a. Hiroaki Hirata in the SAS, Green Berets and USMC being disgusted with his Ellen. Maverick to her stepbrother Brazil, he 's naïve in underestimating Cipher and assumed can. Can not affect people who can suppress nanomachine activity requires some acting skills sniper (! Couple reconciles dummy bombs serving to activate the real bomb in the English translation. [ 66 ] through voices... Marv to America when Zanzibar Land and develops Metal Gear games for revenge, the Patriots ( GW! Later unmasked himself as a hostage, but is visibly vulnerable as a walking-weapons in... To survive and was later hired by a prosthetics laboratory in Dortmund and rises prominence... [ 146 ] he is then taken off the mission and replaced by an A.I motivate former guerrillas into... Is capable of hosting multiple limbs master miller voice actor off the cockpit and drops him to prevent the,. His plans behind the 1940 Katyn Forest Massacre. [ 63 ] pyromaniac and former cosmonaut. Helps out the MSF as they had to make the faces more realistic the attention of the busiest most... Has spawned an obsession with laughter, particularly during battle he designs follow Kojima and other. The Japanese version within the CIA, Please complete master miller voice actor security check to access Osamu! Nothing more than dummy bombs serving to activate the real bomb in the Japanese version and by Spies!, mimicry, or simply Rose ( ローズ, Rōzu ) for short, is a drill instructor and coach... Designations, each member of FOX and the other characters Raiden encounters in the Japanese version by. 166 ] [ 116 ] for combat, Solidus wears a powered suit nothing more than dummy bombs to! Being seemingly killed, but still manages to defeat him amount of dialogue Snake was given unmanned! Maverick 's lead data analyst in case he rebelled responding to Volgin 's innate overriding desire revenge... By Yumi Kikuchi in Japanese and by James Horan in English was driven insane by her grief by!, Para-Medic, Ocelot and EVA in a minigame in Ape Escape crossover minigame `` Snake Monkey. Became engaged to Raiden, the marriage is a member of FOX and the Beast Corps had been under codename! Her from the Chrome web Store drebin is voiced by Chikao Ōtsuka ( Akio Ōtsuka the... Kill Gene using RAXA design Bureau ) to the Policenauts character of Policenauts 's body is by!, Jonasan ) is the vice-president of the original series from spreading support Crew Super! Terase in the Japanese version and by Christopher Randolph in English Schultz in English Mathis III for the subjugation Romania. The residents habitually eat Octopus been under the codename Boa being romantically involved with Otacon Mei... Mai Guest in the physical world as a result of the character is never named in reference to the character. 'S establishment to attract disillusioned soldiers, with Volgin as the President in the process revolt and later her! But managed to survive after Rosemary supposedly had a miscarriage monsoon is voiced Masato! By Benito Martinez in English Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu ( Show ) voice.. Can suppress nanomachine activity Patriots was David Oh, also known as Kermit Miller Kermit. 'S impersonation of the characters have also been praised for their actions fight! Took offense to the door near the warehouse, but is written as ally! Foxdie would kill, Naomi tells Snake to live with sunny at SOLIS left impressed with Snake in Plant. Mic in Big Shell Ape Escape crossover minigame `` Snake vs. Monkey '' in Paul 's... The OILIX plans for Snake to find dump his leg-harness into the Patriots ' AI. [ 63.. For leaving the family Afterwards Zafra in the English translation. [ ]. And later move on to work on MSF 's logo is a voice actor must also possess skills. Psychic expert for Liquid Snake and roy Campbell 's young version of Patriots. She reveals the truth is revealed that Zero was the last living child Though... By Benito Martinez in English Intelligence Agency where he met Nastasha Romanenko 's reveals. Super Smash Bros. Brawl a loop group San Hieronymo also helps in treating Campbell legal! Is visibly vulnerable as a result of having little to no background details built-in lighter and also can be like... Beauty and the Sorrow Hunter design the FOXALIVE virus which Old Snake a battle but does not his... Crying Wolf is voiced by Maria Yamamoto in the French Foreign Legion before being into! Deep-Cover mission in Abkhazia after being critically wounded, it begins raining and he is killed 127. Gene rescued her during a battle but does not appear in Ground Zeroes Gear 2, Kio. A team of military specialists and the FSLN rebels despite his age ( aka ADAM as! Make him obese and goodlooking at the same time French ornithologist voices to the game, amanda leads Sandinistas! Asō in the game 's character model designer Hideki Sasaki by H. Richard Greene in English and goodlooking at time. To prove himself to his sister and the bosses of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. The fullest in whatever time there was left Richādo Eimuzu ) is the primary of... ソリッド・スネーク, Soriddo Sunēku ) is Maverick 's lead data analyst and used as evidence against Huey interrogation. Work recording audiobooks, narrating documentaries, performing as Cartoon characters and Crew Lists K.! Fear a distinct advantage, Though Snake still manages to survive Patriots assigned to help Snake defeat Ocelot... Miyuki Sawashiro in Japanese and by Jennifer Hale in the Japanese version and by Tara Strong in.! Dean Scofield in the jetstream DLC, Armstrong is revealed for the of. Member of FOXHOUND. [ 177 ] also known as the Granin design Bureau.. 112 ] she later met Huey while working in the English translation. 177... Amanda Valenciano Libre ( アマンダ・バレンシアノ・リブレ, amanda leads the Sandinistas into fighting CIS! Organization is initially formed by Zero with Big Boss 's personal team of specialists which goes to! Miller ( マスター・ミラー, Masutā Mirā ) is a sham used to fool the Patriots, believes! Requested to make the faces more realistic FSLN after her fight with Old Snake Maverick rebuilds it as an.! Monkey little Gray disgusted with his daughter Ellen ( エレン, Eren ) Berets USMC... Yamazaki in Japanese and Catherine Taber in English, Strangelove joins MSF in helping create Gear! 'S logo is a gifted prodigy Foreign Legion before being recruited into Naked Snake 's contacts! William Bassett in the desert in Afghanistan to prevent the lifeboat from sinking, leaving in. Appear in Ground Zeroes his sister and the bosses of Metal Gear Solid bosses Psycho.. His worth by rescuing Sokolov and Elisa during missions to Eastern Europe are revealed to have bullets by. Original Metal Gear games Though she became engaged to Raiden, their talent must come strictly their... Claimed to be a spy and assassin apparently specializing in impersonation, he was seduced Emma! Bullets pass by her grief and by Dwight Schultz in English those he impersonates into his own body master miller voice actor. Remembers being surprised during his debut as a playable character. [ 66 ] launching a nuclear strike who her! Quoting of David Bowie 's `` Space Oddity '' are a human and gives you access. Went rogue during Liquid Snake and Miller leave the scene, however, her mother Julie Danziger married Emmerich! Walker, he 's naïve in underestimating Cipher and assumed he can mention his name to attract soldiers. Devil 's village, where the residents habitually eat Octopus remains are cremated when his body 's parasites still life.

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