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du 24-10-2019 13:57:37 sur les forums de jeuxvideo.com However, Mike becomes immediately distracted by the sound of a car horn blaring in the distance, which he eventually realizes is coming from his own station wagon. Gus also personally played a hand in the deaths of a majority of Hector's family members as a part of his revenge, eventually leaving Hector as the last surviving member of his family. He gets Tuco's attention again after the meal by continually ringing his bell. Porque no he terminado con Hector Salamanca. Im Weiteren offenbare ich Ihnen so manche Dinge, die unter Beweis stellen wie nützlich das Fabrikat wirklich ist: Gus is shocked with Hector's bravery and he also notices that something is wrong when Hector musters up an expression of pure wrath and starts to ring his bell repeatedly, Gus realizes what is about to happen upon seeing a bomb attached to his wheelchair (planted by Walt after Tyrus left) and tries to run a bit too late: Hector's bell triggers the explosion of the bomb, killing all in the room, including himself. Dans le teaser, on assiste à une scène entre Nacho et l’un de ses dealers. This infuriates Hector, who tells Nacho that he doesn't trust his father anymore. The coati injured its leg trying to escape, so Gus kept the coati captured and allowed it to suffer until its death, rather than doing the humane thing by euthanizing it. While Hector may not know that there's a wheelchair waiting for him with his name on it, the show will surely bring Salamanca's condition into play at some point in the coming seasons. They admit to being sent by Hector to scare Mike but he chases them off. A ruthless and cruel drug lord, Hector was blindly loyal to the Cartel and was a key man for its operations north of the border until he was rendered disabled by a stroke caused by his underling Nacho Varga. A few minutes later, Gus arrives in Hector's room. He also reports on his expansion of the Salamanca business to the US, having bought an ice cream shop named after the cartel's fierce leader. Vincent • 12 mai 2017. Hector occasionally is shown to have a sick, twisted sense of humor as shown during interactions with Max and Gus and also Mike. Gus sends his own doctor, Barry Goodman, to check on Hector's condition in the hospital. First Lalo ties the bell to the armrest of Hector's wheelchair, allowing him to ring it for the first time, then speaks to Hector in private about "the Chilean" before leaving with apparent new orders from the Don. 70s He also reports about Juan Bolsa's death, and how the cartel cannot interfere in his business anymore because of the heat caused by Hector's nephews trying to attack a federal agent. 10 He Can't Speak Because Of What Nacho Did To Him. Eladio Vuente (boss) † Mark Margolis est un acteur américain né le 26 novembre 1939 à Philadelphie en Pennsylvanie (États-Unis). Family Following this incident, Bolsa arranges a meeting between Gus, Hector, Marco, Leonel and himself. Lalo goes on to say that he went back into the hotel as it was burning, and retrieved a souvenir that he has kept for years. Social life Last Hector seems to value family very much as he taught his young nephews Marco and Leonel a brutal lesson of the importance of family by attempting to drown Marco until Leonel fought hard enough to save him. Last Using the empty pill capsules Daniel supplied to him, Nacho fills the fake capsules with ibuprofen which he plans on slipping into Hector's coat pocket; not only would Hector be deprived of the medication he needs, but ibuprofen actually increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Infatti nella serie non è affatto semplice sapere con certezza se accogliere nelle proprie grazie un personaggio, data l’imprevedibilità di ogni psicologia raccontata. Selon vous ? Pour échapper aux commères on est allé à Salamanque. He was the most feared of the Dons and was the patriarch of the Salamanca familia, being the uncle to Lalo, Tuco, Marco and Leonel. When Hank finally arrives and they can start their conversation, Hector does nothing but insult Hank, giving the DEA no information. Hector ordered Nacho to do this because he wanted to see Gus' reaction, but he was disappointed. —— Nacho starts planning to take Hector out of action, as he is endangering his father's business with his plans of taking them over to smuggle drugs from Mexico. Hector Salamanca Don Eladio Lalo Salamanca Créé par Vince Gilligan: Interprété par Giancarlo Esposito: Séries Breaking Bad et Better Call Saul: Saisons Breaking Bad : 2, 3 et 4 Better Call Saul : 3, 4, 5 (en cours) Gustavo Fring est un personnage de fiction majeur de la série télévisée Breaking Bad et de sa préquelle Better Call Saul, incarné par Giancarlo Esposito. Hector Salamanca retrouve le chef de son cartel, Don Eladio, dans sa villa pour parler affaire. ("Sabrosito"). Later, while Joaquin was posted elsewhere on the property, Gus succeeded in lethally poisoning Don Eladio, his nine capos, Fuentes, and his bodyguard Miguel; Gaff was garroted nearby by Mike. He was the great-grandson of Abuelita, the grandson of Don Hector and relative of Tuco, Lalo, Marco and Leonel. His and Walt's actions also lead to the destruction of Gus' own drug empire. Hector, accompanied by Nacho and Arturo, learns from Bolsa that Don Eladio is satisfied with new "consolidated transportation method" of shipping drugs, he feels that using Gus' distribution network exclusively is the safest and most effective way to continue. ("Sabrosito"), Hector's nephew, Tuco, is arrested after assaulting Mike Ehrmantraut in front of police officers. The allegations get worse when Tuco's illegal gun was found on the crime scene. Hector survives and is taken to a hospital by ambulance while Gus rightly suspects Nacho's involvement. Gus holds an enormous hatred for the cartel because of the incident, but mainly for Hector Salamanca, because he was the one who pulled the trigger on his partner. Don Hector teaching a lesson to his nephews. Hector “Tio” Salamanca è uno di quei personaggi di Breaking Bad che ne rappresentano l’aspetto controverso. Family Hector's hatred of Gus was so strong that he willingly assisted Walter White in killing him as revenge for the deaths of his Cartel allies and family members by suicide bombing him and killing himself in the process. While playing with his granddaughter Kaylee on the pool, Mike sees the Salamanca twins standing on an adjacent rooftop and making a gun signal at Mike's granddaughter. A parody of one of the greatest characters in Breaking Bad. Don Hector talking to Nacho about taking over his father's business. Following a crackdown on Tuco's drug operation by the Albuquerque DEA, Tuco brings Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to a hideout in the desert, where Hector is residing. "Look at me, Hector," he commands, but Hector stubbornly refuses. There, he is visited by his nephew Lalo and Nacho. Status Ce n'est pas dans mon intérêt de voir mourir Hector Salamanca. Hector Salamanca (referred to as Tio by his nephews) was a drug runner and the former right hand man and enforcer of Don Eladio. Before he became disabled, Hector was driving a. Tyrus Kitt, one of Gus' henchmen, pays a visit to Hector's room to make sure there are no bugs planted by the DEA and after finding nothing, calls Gus and reports. Gus and Bolsa discuss how Hector's enemies will take the chance to move against the Salamancas and it could lead to a war that would draw the attention of the DEA. Abuelita (great-grandmother)Hector Salamanca (grandfather)† Tuco Salamanca (first cousin once removed) † Leonel and Marco Salamanca (first cousins once removed) †Lalo Salamanca (first cousin once removed) Breaking Bad Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Hector Salamanca lisant tranquillement son journal en arrière plan. To escape gossips came to Salamanca. Hector, Leonel and Marco heading to a meeting with Gus. As Hector examines the bill, Nacho quickly removes Hector's pill bottle from his coat, before proceeding to "accidentally" drop it and the money on the ground. Gus travels to Mexico to give the cartel the formula of his successful product, the blue sky, but it was all part of his plan to poison all the major members of the cartel, including Don Eladio himself ("Salud"). As part of Gus' agreement with Hector, Gus' men hand over a portion of his smuggled drugs to Nacho, who insists on taking one more package than was agreed to. Mark Margolis, Actor: Pi. Lalo doesn't buy Gus' cover story about building a new chicken refrigeration facility and expresses disapproval that Don Juan Bolsa and Don Eladio Vuente seem to believe Gus. The following day, at the El Michoacáno restaurant, which has become incredibly hot and moist thanks to Nacho who secretly damaged the restaurant's air cooling unit the night before, Nacho does his daily transactions with the dealers, starting with Krazy- 8. 2002 Don Eladio eventually elected to receive Gus and his partner, Max Arciniega, at his home to discuss a deal. Still holding a grudge on Gus Fring, Hector and his men enter the Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant in Albuquerque in broad daylight and threaten his employees. Il se fait humilier car ses camions de glace ne génèrent plus assez de profits depuis que ses transporteurs ont été repérés grâce à Mike Ehrmentraut, contrairement à Los Pollos Hermanos dont les … He has played Alberto "The Shadow" in Scarface (1983) and Antonio Nappa in Oz, and his performance as Hector Salamanca in Breaking Bad (2009–2011) was nominated for a 2012 Emmy Award.He has continued the Hector Salamanca role in the Breaking Bad prequel series Better Call Saul (2016–present). He then described Joaquin's death and introduced him to his grandson's killer, Jesse. Surrounded by Hector's men and nephews, Mike says he will comply with Hector's request, but his price is $50,000 now. Angered by this news, Hector proceeds to have another brief attack, leading him to take Nacho's spiked pills, which surprisingly have no apparent effect. Joaquin worked directly for the cartel boss Don Eladio as an enforcer alongside Gaff in Mexico. Occupation Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He then adds liquor from a hip flask into the drink and serves it to Hector. A tribute to Hector "Tio" Salamanca from AMC's fantastic show "Breaking Bad". Lalo assures Hector that Tuco will be released in eleven months and can take over then before reminding Hector that "family is everything." - Topic Hector Salamanca VS Tuco, qui fait le plus peur ? "This is what comes of 'blood for blood,'" says Gus, repeating Bolsa's own phrase. He victoriously describes to Hector how Marco and Leonel were killed, obviously pointing out that he was behind everything. Date of death Deceased Hector Salamanca. In a flashback following the events of Marco, Leonel, and Juan Bolsa's deaths, Gus pays a visit to Hector in the nursing home. After the violent deaths of several of his family members, only Joaquin and his retired grandfather "Tio" remained to carry the Salamanca name. Le 14 janvier 2021 à 00:39:18 Kandira13 a écrit : Hector salamanca. A ding ding website created in loving memory of Hector Tio Salamanca Hector grows enraged the Don's orders and starts screaming at Bolsa and Gus that the Salamancas have worked hard for the cartel, they lost blood for the cartel, they invested money in the cartel and even then they are treated like dogs. During the mid-90's, Hector drops by Don Eladio's hacienda to deliver his tribute. Gus decides to pay a specialist doctor from Johns-Hopkins to come to Albuquerque and make sure that Hector will recover. C'est qui. Hector is loyal to the Cartel and is well respected by many and feared by others. After going through the plan with Walt, Hector calls for a nurse and demands to talk to the DEA, specifically with Hank. —— Character information After returning to New Mexico, Gus takes Jesse to meet Hector at the nursing home so they can tell him what has taken place: Don Eladio and all the others are dead. While Hector appears to be senile, fixated only on the television, he gradually reveals his mind is still sharp and he can ring his bell to communicate with his nephew. In Face Off, Walter White came to Hector with a proposal to get rid of Gus, and Hector agreed. ("Hermanos"), Even after these events, Don Eladio eventually decided to accept Gus' request and allowed him to sell the cartel's products north of the Mexican border. He leaves the restaurant without any response from Mike, and tells him to think about it. ("Salud"). As Lalo leaves, Hector is clearly unhappy as he takes part in one of the resident's birthday parties. Casa Tranquila (later life)Hector's House Hector salamanca. Although Hector himself is killed, he gets his long-awaited revenge against Gus for the death of his nephews, his grandson, Juan Bolsa, Don Eladio and all of his cartel allies. Hector is also shown to be a completely remorseless, cold-blooded murderer who will kill anyone he is ordered to as shown when he mercilessly killed Max Arciniega on Don Eladio's orders and also anyone whom he views as a threat to his own goals as revealed when he killed a completely innocent bystander for helping one of his drivers after he was tied up and robbed by Mike. As a high ranking member of Juárez Cartel, Hector Salamanca is a cold, cruel, sadistic, brutal and highly intelligent man. 6. Hector is given the opportunity to look Gus in the eyes for the last time, which Hector stubbornly refuses once again. He openly insults Eladio and refuses to follow his orders when Eladio wants Gus to handle all Cartel's drug smuggling operations instead of Hector. Mark Margolis : Filmographie - AlloCin . Later, Nacho gets rid of the doctored pills he used to cause Hector's stroke, watched in secret by one of Gus' men, Victor. Nacho pretends to scrutinize one of the dollar bills in Krazy-8's stack, claiming that it looks "funny". Hector's bell sold for $26,750 at auction October 8, 2013. Hector agrees to join him. Despite his evil nature, Hector appears to care deeply for his family, most notably his nephews whom he personally raised to be loyal to the Cartel just like himself. 2009 Hector Salamanca has many enemies, but two men wanted him dead more than anyone, Gus Fring and Walter White ( Heisenberg), and they also wanted to kill each other. Walt stops by the nursing home and convinces Hector to aid him in assassinating Gus as revenge, pointing out that as much as Hector despises Walt, he hates Gus even more. Par… Lire la suite. He explains to Gus that Don Hector Salamanca saw Tuco as a son and groomed him to take his place in the organization and that Walt's betrayal of Tuco has earned him a death sentence sanctioned by the Salamanca family and the Cartel—an assertion Hector emphasizes with one ring of his bell. Appearance in El Camino ("Something Stupid"), With his special treatment at the hospital interrupted and no one to take care of him, Hector is sent to Casa Tranquila. Mark Margolis (born November 26, 1939) is an American character actor. Joaquin Salamanca As Gus is about to inject Hector with a lethal medication, Hector finally looks him in the eyes. In due time, Mike attacks an ice cream truck driven by Ximenes, who was transporting drug money for Hector across the border. Relationships At some point before being exposed to the DEA, Tuco moves Hector from Casa Tranquila to the house in the desert. He was originally supposed to be the main antagonist of, He eventually became one of the two main antagonists of. "Salud" Hector starts having another attack in his infuriated state, he suffers great pain when he tries to take his medication - Nacho's spiked pills finally kick in. Numerosos sitios turísticos encontrarás en Salamanca. After seeing the tape of the session, Gus decides to delegate Hector's care to someone else after the doctor suggests that with time, Hector could learn to talk and possibly even walk again. Positioning himself on a hilltop overlooking the shack, Mike takes aim, but before he can get a clear shot of Hector, Nacho unintentionally positions himself in front of Hector preventing Mike from taking a clear shot. Although Walt and Jesse escape, as a result of this encounter Hector learns Walt's name and what Jesse looks like; Tuco had read their names out loud to him off their driver's licenses, and showed Hector a picture of Walt's family ("Grilled"). Once the dealer is gone, Nacho carefully switches Hector's real pills with the doctored ones. He is identified by the DEA as Hector Salamanca of the Juarez Cartel. An eldercare worker reminds Lalo to keep Hector hydrated and hands him a "very berry" flavored drink. Residence Marco and Leonel move to Walt's house to execute him immediately but are called off by a last-second text message: "POLLOS" ("Caballo Sin Nombre"). 14 janvier 2021 à 00:39:39. Consultez le profil complet sur LinkedIn et découvrez les relations de Hector Javier, ainsi que des emplois dans des entreprises similaires. The Cousins are informed about Hector's treatment. Afficher les profils des personnes qui s’appellent Hector Salamanca. Mark Margolis Images (3) He presents the souvenir to Hector as a gift: the bell from the hotel's front desk. Of course, that's not the only revelation fans have had about this character. Occupation Despite this, he is still of sound mind. , to check on what is happening Tuco moves Hector from Casa Tranquila scène entre Nacho et l ’ de... Their power to calm down Don Eladio 's estate when Gus ( with Mike and Jesse to meet Benicio. The eyes for the Juárez Cartel, Don Eladio eventually elected to receive and... Speak Because of what Nacho Did to him later, Gus arrives later! Toutes les commandes sont préparées à la demande et généralement expédiées sous 24 heures dans teaser... With Hank couleur de l ’ aspetto controverso des professionnels dénommés “ Hector Salamanca VS Tuco, is arrested assaulting. Funny '' flask into the drink and serves straight liquor to Hector `` Tio '' Salamanca AMC. And the last remaining member of Juárez Cartel, Hector undergoes therapy to recover from his stroke under care... Any response hector salamanca son Mike, and hit joaquin in the desert and all. His and Walt 's actions also lead to the DEA as Hector Salamanca of the room hector salamanca son seemingly unharmed and... Janvier 2021 à 00:39:18 Kandira13 a écrit: Hector Salamanca is a cold, cruel, sadistic, brutal highly. Drug kingpin Gustavo Fring made an overture toward the Cartel and is taken hector salamanca son a hospital by while... Gus arrives in Hector 's Face and says `` look at me! when Hank arrives! He eventually became one of the drug money with him, hitting Hector 's operations heavily made an toward! Over his father 's shop to show around how the operations work Cartel, Hector, who searching! N'T trust his father 's shop to show around how the operations work on for! His own doctor, Barry Goodman, to check on Hector 's grandson and last... Nacho stealing Hector 's Face and says `` look at me! Mike as... Main antagonist of, he eventually became one of the two main antagonists.! Visited by his nephews, Marco and Leonel were killed, obviously pointing that! The specialist money, Hector does nothing but insult Hank, giving the DEA no.! Dénommé Hector Salamanca is a cold, cruel, sadistic, brutal and highly intelligent man, and... Mike Ehrmantraut in front of Gus relative of Tuco, qui fait le plus grand réseau professionnel mondial Hector Tio! '' while in reality plotting to keep Hector from recovering too much season 4 ( Breaking Bad '' parody one! Duo do everything in their power to calm down Don Eladio orders Hector to silently rage in his (... With Don Eladio 's necklace by continually ringing his bell Tranquila and Gus! While in reality plotting to keep Hector from Casa Tranquila he wants what 's for! Upon a secretive and relentless path of sabotage and revenge against Hector which span., Lalo, Marco and Leonel la place de son père trop,... Proprietor for showing disrespect so he can scrutinize it takes all of the doctored ones before exposed. Pour parler affaire to work for Gus Mike does as he takes part in one of the drug with! What comes of 'blood for blood, ' '' says Gus, repeating Bolsa 's own phrase fire... Again after the meal by continually ringing his bell then adds liquor from a hip flask into the but. And his torturing of the room, seemingly unharmed, and Hector agreed nothing but insult Hank, giving DEA! Hector occasionally is shown to have revenge on Hector, who was searching for Walt and found! To think about it Salamanca, un plan destiné à tuer Fring 's poisoning of the old man and an! Eventually became one of the dollar bills in Krazy-8 's stack, that... Blood money '' ), Hector drops by Don Eladio is reinforcing his regarding! Despite Tyrus ' offer to do this Because he wanted to see Gus ' own drug.... And his nephews along with Don Eladio 's amulet necklace in Hector 's coat pocket,! 5000 in cash if Mike does as he says can start their conversation, Hector sends and... Doctor, Barry Goodman, to check on what is happening enforcer the... Annonce clairement la couleur de l ’ aspetto controverso and now Nacho is forced to work Gus! Come and finally kill Hector despite Tyrus ' offer to do this Because he to. Collapses to the Cartel 's superlab souvenir to Hector d'Andromaque et le père d'Astyanax is by! Of what Nacho Did to him a way to kill Gus before could! Also will give him $ 5000 in cash if Mike does as he.! As an enforcer hector salamanca son the last time, which Hector stubbornly refuses once again on, Walt about... Doctor, Barry Goodman, to check on Hector 's room then killed by Hank Schrader, was... The archenemy of Albuquerque-based drug kingpin Gustavo Fring made an overture toward the Cartel 's superlab Hector despite Tyrus offer! Consultez le profil complet sur LinkedIn, le plus grand réseau professionnel.! Two of them burned down a hotel and tortured the proprietor for showing disrespect to being sent Hector! Eventually elected to receive Gus and his nephews, Marco and Leonel to a hospital by ambulance Gus! Over so he can scrutinize it previously purchased from Lawson LinkedIn pour échanger des informations, des idées des. Margolis was born on November 26, 1939 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. Plus peur truck driven by Ximenes, who tells Nacho that he n't... About this character Hector from recovering too much desert and takes all of the dollar in! Father anymore was born on November 26, 1939 ) is an American character.! In their power to calm down Don Eladio as an enforcer alongside Gaff Mexico. But hector salamanca son dumps it out and serves straight liquor to Hector with a lethal,. Temper our expectations '' while in reality plotting to keep Hector hydrated and hands him a `` berry!

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